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About Us

We're Avmire and Osa: friends IRL, artists online!

Learn more about our artistic journeys below!


Avmire started drawing digitally in 2015 by drawing sparkly ponies. Twilight Sparkle (pictured below) had the perfect colors! She has since moved on to other subjects, but her love for fantastical creatures never diminished throughout the years. Developing new worldbuilding and character storylines are some of what she enjoys the most!

Avmire loves animation, videogames, and purchasing merchandise from other independent artists. You can also summon her with a bowl of hot noodles!



Osa made her first digital drawing in 2014, before she knew that there was a way to blend colors aside from manually color-picking pixels between two low opacity shades of pink... (pictured below).

Now, she creates a webcomic called Entity with Lilac, a writer and friend of many years. Although, she has a tendency to make a LOT more art for her D&D campaigns than Entity. She loves puns, hot chocolate, and most anything nerdy.

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